Chef Vadim has been delighting customers with the finest in culinary fare for over thirty years. He brings his special skills and delightful dishes to your table at XO Banquets. He creates with absolute joy and feels grateful to be able to do what he loves best. Chef Vadim experiments with unusual blends of foods and flavors to provide a unique dish for your absolute enjoyment. His creations originate with his imagination, trying different combinations and methods to come up with his final dish. He is always ready to share not only his recipes but also his genuine love for what he does with his guests or anyone else who has an interest in the culinary arts. A cornucopia of delicious items gives home to a new taste discovery or an excursion back to familiar places. His preparations are done with love to become the perfect dish for any palate. He uses his expertise and knowledge of foods to create spectacular menus based on his own recipes and experience with Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Jewish traditions and preferences, and has expanded his menus with favorite dishes from culinary archives. Try something new or choose from your favorites; come to XO Banquets and leave the rest to Chef Vadim. *** Beginning his journey in Odesssa with the Black Sea Shipping Company, Vadim perfected his art by providing exquisite cuisine for the cruise liner for ten years before moving to Chicago to open his own restaurant.
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